Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The lathe, I have to say it a pretty important part to turning wood. I mean with out my it would take me years to widdle down a wood section to a bowl.
I know that their are many makers of lathes but I don't have a real preference for any group. I a made my own lathe when I was 14 and still to this day am using it.

You basic setting for a lathe

The lathe by definition is a "machine for turning wood, plastic or metal into cylindrical or onical parts or for cutting holes or screws-thread in them." In case people really wanted to know what the dictionary said it was.
In most cases lathes are used for mass production for machine components. (nails, tubes, axle, housings, gears, etc..)
Lathe work, for machine parts

Most lathes are composed of more that 3,500 components. About half contribute to the moments of the lathe. Mine personally I don't think I had the skill at 14 to put that many parts into, but I have never really counted. I do know it took me around two weeks to finish it, with a few days for just ripping apart what I have built.

In a recently survey, there was around 80,0000 lathes in USA, and around 60,000 in Germany. I will note that I found this number in a car article about machine part production across the world.

I hope you enjoyed this little blur about the lathes. If you are interested in a lathe I would suggest going to a wood working store or even a machine supply shop. These people work every day and would know a good deal with what on the market at the moments.
For those who want to go my way and build it, that is great an I wish you luck.

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