Friday, July 13, 2012

Blue Spruce

Blue spruce is not a wood have been able to turn yet. I have some on the drying rack at the moment, it should be ready to turn in about a month or so, have to say I am excited. I love the Spruce family, it has wonderful color that varies from tree to tree. I also just really enjoy the look of the tree, the color that the needles give off is just great.

Blue spruces are hardy evergreens found through out the northern hemisphere. Unlike a pine or fir, spruces produce single needles along the branches. This makes it  real pain to clean up when they fall, or a sticky mess on your grandsons shoes.

Most may recognize the blue spruce as your mainstream Christmas Tree, at least in the United States. It was made the officially Christmas tree a few years back, Colorado even has a living Spruce that it decorates every year. Every year, Norway gifts New York city with a Norway spruce placed in the middle of Rockefeller Center.

Many cultures have myths surrounding the tree. One is that the tree is a protective female element, the tree of life, the mother tree, and were often made into maypoles for spring festival.

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