Saturday, June 30, 2012

New idea's and Wooden Bowl Care

After a little though I decided that maybe I should start adding more to the blog other than the new pieces or sales. So I am starting a basic information/trivia entries. This is hopefully going to be a weekly thing.

An what better way to start this that with basic bowl care. I hope if helps not only with Allen's bowls but with all your wooden decortations.

Allen's bowls are finished with either a mineral oil or a bee's wax. This gives the bowl a unique texture and look, guaranteeing every bowl a one of a kind look.

1) Although we don't recommend using our bowls for food, I know people still do it. So first off for bowl care DO NOT PUT YOUR BOWL IN THE DISHWASHER. I have received a complaint about the our bowls not being able to handle the dish washer, and all I could say was find a wooden bowl that could. Doing this removes finishes and warps or possible breaks the wood. If you want to wash your bowl get warm soapy water in a bowl and dip a sponge in it so it is slightly damp. Then wipe the bowl down making sure not to get the bowl to wet.

2) Every few month, or when ever your bowl feels slightly dry lightly oil it. Allen recommends a linseed oil. This will give your bowl a new luster and re-hydrate the wood.
When oiling spread the oil over the entire bowl. Let the oil sit for a few minutes then buff your bowl with a cotton cloth, or rag. The more time you have your bowl the less you will need to oil it.

3) If you have light colored bowl, you do have to worry about darkening of the wood. To slow this process keep your bowl out of direct sun light. This will allow your bowl to stay lighter longer.
The darkening that occurs with bowls is not a huge difference in color but it may end up a shade or two darker.

We would like to thank you for visiting our blog, and taking an interest in our bowls. I hope these handy tips help you and will answer any question you had on basic bowl care.

Monday, June 25, 2012