Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Box Elder

The box elder is probably one of my most turned types of woods. It has a crisp light color with an interesting tiger eye pattern through out it's grain. It has smooth fill with narrow ridges that interlace with the furrow. You can tell the how old the tree is by it's color, the older the tree is the darker the brown it will be.

The box elder is native to portions of the southern tier and Susquehanan Valley, but has become wide spread through out the world. For people who don't believe I will simple note my back yard jungle.
Box elder commonly grows along banks, streams, river, and other water ways. It is used for stabilization along said water ways.
It is most times considered a weed species in most urban area, and has little to no commercial value. This is due to it being a soft wood.

One issue that has become prevalent with the tree being near house is the box elder bug. These little guys cause huge amounts of damage to trees, which lead to the trees deaf and it falling on your house.

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